Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Weekly Wreath Wrap -- Now Through December. Too Many Beautiful Ones From My Local Virginia Farmers' Market. One Post a Week, It Just Has to be Done.

If you're new here, you need to know that I love wreaths (and welcome!). And I go to my two awesome local farmers' markets on Saturdays.  Where, year round, is an amazing team of European master floriculturalists who bring their creations year round.  With the holiday season in full swing, many of the independent, family farms are bringing their own creations, also.

(this and the wreaths below were at the the Old Town Farmers' Market)
 As I've mentioned before, I pay for everything, not that anyone is offering, I just get very excited about products, people and services I love -- someday I really will do a whole post on my love of Cetaphil, or maybe bacon, and John Freida's Frizz Ease products ...)
Magnolia over curly kale at Three Way Farms at the Del Ray Farmers' Market. (Click to learn more about the Del Ray Market on their facebook page)
A sweet little twig wreath also from Three Way Farms.  Nestled in the parsnips.  Duh, where else would the cute wreaths hang out?
Closer shot of the friend-of-the-parsnips wreath.

Below are from
MAD love for the gold magnolia squares this week.  Crushing. Hard.
Thia is a mini, about 12 inches across. Gold sprayed dried hydrangea -- so pretty! -- to hang or keep on a table with a large candle.  Much more delicate than the magnolia.  Maybe I could hang these in the little windows of my husband's shed?  Hmmm.  I can just see how that conversation would go.  So maybe not.
Greenery, pinecones and berries, oh my!
This is another version of the one above.  I couldn't appreciate how full and gorgeous it is til I crouched down for this shot.  Below is a shot of it from directly above.
"Petals" of pine cones encircled by twigs and topped with acorn bottoms and preserved lemon.
Cool side view of the one above it.  The light was a little different where I crouched down.  I'm a newbie photog so I just take in good light because I don't know how to color correct anything. And the photos do come out prettier.
All pinecones!  They looked like flowers.
You all remember this one from my adventure at the market with my Princess/friend Meghan.  Got a better shot this week.
Yours, in wreath love,
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