Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Wrapping Time! My Easy, Fun Wrapping From the Drug Store (For Any Time Of Year)

I think I like wrapping presents more than buying them. I've always loved dragging scissors down the tail of a bow to make it curly. For years now, whenever I travel, I bring back foreign language magazines or newspapers, preferably tabloids and gossips rags, and use them for wrapping. I otherwise love to use newspaper with beautiful photos, or magazines with gorgeous ads.

For my friend's baby shower recently, I wrapped the book I gave her with construction paper and these post-it letters, all purchased at CVS. I loved how it looked so much that this is how I plan to wrap for the holidays, too.

{The lovely shower hostesses had us bring our favorite children's book as a gift.  This is my favorite, The Giant Jam Sandwich.  It's been in print continuously since 1972 -- it is glorious, if you don't already know about it.  Turned out to be a great gift, since I don't recall that anyone at the shower knew about it... so maybe a great holiday gift for someone on your list.  Got mine in a jiffy from amazon. The next three images are copyright of the authors and were copied from other blogs.}
I copied this photo from a wonderful looking U.K. baking blog (linked here).  Couldn't find the cookie that is on the right, but I will keep looking ... it is fantastic!

Back to wrapping.  I keep the following around the house:
*  tissue paper, mostly white, other colors when I can find them, especially blue or metallics.
*  tape
*  good scissors
*  ribbon

As it happens from time to time, I couldn't immediately locate the above (husband says this means they are lost, I say this means they cannot be immediately located).

So I cruised over in Luigi (my smartcar, named after the Fiat in the movie Cars) to CVS, hit the school section, grabbed a pack of long multicolor construction paper, and found these magic letters for five bucks:
Love these!
Note to self and you:  once you position your letters, just give them a quick swipe with the glue stick.  Otherwise you could lose one and potentially embarrass yourself because people thought you meant it.  Not that that ever happens ... except that it did, at the baby shower:
I heard laughing and looked up to see my gift, wrapping altered, held up by the guest of honor and causing a good laugh.
This post started out being about my sauerkraut recipe that I cooked for my husband for his birthday the other night (his request).  And how I didn't wrap his gifts. Even though I had my letters and glue. 

Happy wrapping, this month and beyond.
Yours, in wrapping joy,

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