Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in my Hood -- Life Size Angry Birds and Dressed Up Doggies

Welcome to the Annual Del Ray Halloween Parade! The life sized Angry Birds was the big hit of the parade.
Here is one of our Pig Kings from Angry Birds awaiting rescue.

Angry Bird looking for his slingshot via gathering Halloween goodies
The life size slingshot with pirates, goblins, cowboys lined up to take a shot, and an angry bird watching from the left.
Pint size Angry Bird costume (compared to the one above!), with an exhausted little blonde/green pig.

 I  heart the mummy hot dog! He looks like a tough guy, even in mummy costume.

Large pink flower and her friend, little pink flower.
 A few blocks later I found this little bumble bee, searching for the flowers.

How much do I love the Jack Russell pumpkin?
And then this little Sheltie Angel, wings, halo and all?
 Two of my fave princess-y costumes.
This watermelon angel (butterfly? who cares - she was adorable), with matching pocketbook,

And I heard this super creative space princess before I saw her ... sounded like walking tin foil.
 Super creative costume.  I recognize the tubing at the bottom of the skirt as the stuff my endlessly handy husband was using the other day to re-vent the dryer.

Hope you had an entertaining and safe Halloween!

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