Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rain Out AND White Out on the Same Day? Of Farmers Markets and Freak Storms

Ah, photos of the fall sun shining on the Saturday morning Farmers Market(s). 
As it should be.
Tri-color acorn squashes, and baby red potatoes at Golden Goose Bakery and Farm at Del Ray Farmers Market.

Sun should be shining on the apples at Big Riggs at the Old Town market.  
Mmmm, I tried some Cameos for the first time -- flavorful and sweet, but not overly sweet, and crispy like a Granny Smith but without the tartness.
Saturday morning sun should be shining on new wreaths from Natural Designs (uh, yes, I went home with another one, why do you ask?)
This weekend, though, it rained.  Heard about that freak storm hitting the East coast? Rain and cold don't close the market down completely, but it does depress turnout and vendors sometimes wrap up early. 
 Even Luigi, my smartcar, looks a little sad and lonely at the Old Town Farmers Market with no one to compete with for tiny little parking spots.

The really sad one?  Golf maniac husband. He is the mailman of golf -- neither rain nor sleet nor snow ...  But the ground was just too wet and the course was closed.  Both of us confused about what the heck to do on a Saturday that he isn't out the door at 5:30 AM, he pulled a great rabbit out of his hat (baseball cap). To catch the tail end of fall color in the Shenandoah Mountains along the gorgeously scenic Skyline Drive.

Because of the storm,, the fall color was covered with inches of heavy, wet snow.  
The trees were very confused, but still incredibly beautiful.

 The route to get to Skyline drive is beautiful, which is good news because Skyline Drive was closed due to the weather.  
Shenandoah National Park covered and drifted with snow (in October??).

 Enjoy the drive back with me!

Wishing you a wonderful week. 
(I am talking like a holiday card after driving around in snow this weekend.)
Do you have any storm stories from the weekend?  
Crazy long lines at the grocery store like the coming of Armageddon?


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