Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Weekly Holiday Wreath Wrap -- Hope You Enjoy the View!

Starting with a shot of a few of the beautiful garlands by my fave wreath artists at the Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market over the weekend.  Each is a mix of evergreen including boxwood and pine, as well as juniper with its magical looking tiny blue-gray berries and red berries, also (I have to ask Anne what everything is on Saturday) -- gorgeous!

I am already planning how I want to decorate and when for November-December 2012! Before late this year, I had no idea how incredible and way affordable Anne's work is.  And next year she's going to open and Etsy shop -- Yay!  Will definitely let you know when that happens.
Left:  Burgundy sprayed pinecones on boxwood with cool natural fiber rope detail.  Right:  Wow! (I think those are lotus pods sprayed red -- but I'll have to ask Anne on Saturday).
Closeup: so beautiful!
Closeup of pinecone and boxwood wreath.
Crisp and sunny December morning at the Old Town farmers market.
I'm really in love with this one -- silvery pine cones and clusters of deep violet juniper berries, all nestled in deep, textured greens. *sigh*

Delta wreath (No, I was never in a sorority, undergrad was like three percent Greek, if that, but my bff was a Tri-Delt).  I thought square wreaths were big rule breakers ... clearly, I am behind the times.
Detail of square wreath.


New candle wreath.
Evergreen and holly greens and berries.
 All by the talented European Floriculturalists of
I didn't buy anything this week, but am plotting my holiday gift haul for this Saturday.
The market starts earlier than I wake up.  But I'm going to try to make it earlier than usual to see everything Anne brings with her!  
If I had the discipline of these amazing farmers and artisans, I'd still be running every morning at 6 a.m.  Ah-hah!  I feel a resolution coming on that will certainly be discarded by Valentine's Day.
Happy Hump Day!  Halfway there!

Yours, in evergreen with blue juniper berries,

 P.S. Hey, Blogger spell check, quit telling me "pinecone" is incorrect.  It is not.  It may be used as one or two words.  I understand how you would get confused and think "bff" is an incorrect spelling, but get off my back about "pinecone."

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