Thursday, December 15, 2011

What (Else) Has Your Winter Coat Done For You Lately? The Many Uses of My Beloved Cheapo Winter Coat From Target

Introducing the amazing, spectacular, multipurpose, brown quilted puffy coat -- for the low, low price of ... well, I don't remember, but it was definitely cheap, from Target, winter 2008-9.
 Great for:  Keeping me warm. And making me look like Nanook of the North (maybe a slightly cuter version of Nanook).
Photo (2009) by one of my wonderful undergrad students when I was working at American University. 

And, wait, there's more!  My faithful Brown Puffy Winter Coat (BPWC) provided a soft, warm seat for my 8 1/2 months-pregnant friend when I was photographing her last month, having her sit on the cold November ground.  You can see it (BPWC) just below her left forearm.  BPWC blends seamlessly into the mulch at the base of the cherry tree in my friend's front yard.  
(BTW, Doesn't she look amazing? And baby Matty is two weeks old today!)
And wait, there's more!  Brown Puffy Winter Coat, left on a couch, is great for nesting!

And even more!  No other puffy coat can beat this one for performing cat headstands.
Or as a prop for gratuitous cute kitty shots.  This is Junebug, one of our rescue babies.
And more!  Brown Puffy Winter Coat On The Couch is also great for napping, lounging, lollygagging and even more napping.  
This is our other kitty.  He's the big cat.  Well, wide cat, to be more specific.  He is well loved and well fed, as you can see. We adopted him in early 2005 from DC's NY Ave Animal Shelter, part of the wonderful Washington Animal Rescue League.
 Not gonna lie, I have napped under the Brown Puffy Winter Coat the couch when heading upstairs to the bedroom, or finding a blanket did not support my immediate napping needs.

Look at your winter coat ... is ther anything else it could be doing for you right now?  
Like the dishes, maybe?

Yours, in cuddly warmth,

P.S.  Yes, this coat is totally machine washable.

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  1. This post is hilarious, love your creativity and multi-purpose skills.