Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Girl's Fancy Ravioli in Brown Butter and Sage Sauce

I could rename this blog "I Love Fungus. And Other Stuff."  If my husband had a blog he could name it "The Smell of Fungus Cooking Makes Me Retch." Ergo, I boiled up a lovely ready made mushroom ravioli, for one, and not from scratch (so there would be no fungus fumes from filling-making to upset hubby’s sensitive nostrils). You know I like to make my own rav filling and use wonton wrappers like I did this summer when we had all that leftover lobster (oh Lordy, my photography sucked! Guess I'll just have to make it again and rephotograph!).
 This pasta was amazing! It is the first time first time I had it retail. I recognize it from some DC area restaurants. It’s a DC based pasta maker/supplier called LaPasta. I went to their website and you gotta check out how beautiful this is – it’s like the periodic table of ravioli. I want it as a poster for my kitchen. I tried to pin it but you can only pin the individual raviolis, not all 36 at once. And that's JUST the ravioli, they also have gnocchi, totellini/tortelloni, and agnolotti. (Curse you, Spellcheck, for thinking the three preceding words are incorrect, clearly you have no taste for Italian food.)
 Got it from MOM’s organic market in Alexandria.  I was there to buy ginger chews, and walked out with ravioli and gnocchi. 
Last night was the first night it was going to dip way down to 20 degrees, so I went out to the bare garden and cut the last of my brave and stunningly hardy sage and parsley.   
 Here is pretty parsley extracted on the same mission this evening as the brave little sage plants.  Parsley will soon become pesto and get frozen. (The veggie giclees in the background were a kitchen-warming gift from mom by a Boston artist. The top print is a pretty one of asparagus.)
 Now the sage is drying on every surface in the kitchen (I mean EVERY SURFACE, note this one is on the stove, a well utilized work surface in a tiny kitchen. Please do not note how badly I need my shellac mani redone.).  I thought it was a great idea to lay some out in the bright sunshine to dry. Joke was on me as I came home to paper towels and sage scattered all over the porch and backyard.
Perfect for Browned Butter and fried sage sauce.
Luxurious, delicious, easy.  If you’re in DC (I mean you, Jessica L.) and need sage to do this, let me know… I have lots and can drop some by your office. J
I used unsalted butter, about 4 tablespoons (2-3 would have been fine).   
I put them in the pan cold and heated it to medium high. 
I slid 15 sage leave in as the butter just fully melted.  
 Watch it carefully because the browning can turn to burned very quickly.   
As soon as I see browning, I turn off the heat.   
I put a few ravioli, well drained into the butter an quickly cover with the splatter shield, just in case.  Then I pour it all over the rest of the ravioli.
Everyone in the bowl!
It was so exquisite.  Definitely try some soon.  Friday night?  Home watching Grimm?  Perfect!

Early morning at the Farmers' Markets Saturday.  Can't wait to see what they've got.
Yours, in mushroom love,


  1. Okay, that looks crazy delicious, but my twisted mind first read the package as "erotic mushroom ravioli." For a few seconds I wasn't sure what kind of twisted rabbit hole you were taking me down!

  2. Trish,
    1. I love you.
    2. It was so delicious it is downright sinful ... perfect crunch to those little butter fried fresh sage leaves over the EXOTIC wild MushRav.
    3. I could absolutely see how this kind of excitement would do something Freudian to your mind and have you think that or, it's just you. In which case, did I mention I love you? :) You CRACK ME UP!