Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun with Leftovers -- Chili Eggs Benny and More! (Duh, Did You SEE all That Tuna Casserole I Made?)


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Enough with the disclaimer, on to important matters. 

Food.  Duh.  

{What did you think I was going to say? My usual melancholy over the same old abysmal turnout in Tuesday's Elections?  The ripple effect of the financial meltdown in the Mediterranean (which has been going on way longer than the last few weeks it has finally made above the fold p.1), how cute and ridiculously entertaining my cats are? Nah, you know all that already.}

BEHOLD (above), friends, the magic of leftovers! Remember last week's easiest chili ever?  Here it is again, on an English muffin topped with perfect poached eggs (I am seriously proud of my egg poaching prowess, it should be on my resume) and I will do one post soon on the secrets of the perfect poach.  I make good Hollandaise, too, but, well, I do not really like the stuff.  So, at home I do cheese, usually Parm.  But chili benny calls for dipping into hubby's taco blend.
{above} Everything I need (except chili and cheese, still in fridge).  Toasted muffin, gorgeous Amish eggs from the Del Ray farmers' market, vinegar (the giant jug I keep under the sink to clean everything), beloved mini long handled strainer (no idea where I got these but I use them all the time), wooden spoon to stir up a vortex int he water and to be nice to my pans, and a tablespoon for the vinegar. On my favorite blue and white dish that hand I hand carried back from Japan. (I think it was $12, in the restaurant district in Tokyo, and made IN Japan, unlike many other dishes there which were made in China.  Seriously.)
Large pan, shallow water. And yes, my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp.  Best use of nine feet of space. Ever.

Nuked the leftover turkey taco-ish chili and put it on the toasted muffins.  You can see one of two eggs poaching away in the pan next to it.
Soooooo pretty (to me n my belly)!
And soooo delicious!  No, I'm not drinking red wine @ breakfast/brunch at home, It's cranberry juice, which I love.  Doesn't everyone eat breakfast with their ipad? (to left) You can see the reflection of me taking the photo of an empty dish. If the neighbors can see, me they gotta think I'm nuts.
Remember all that tuna?  And that awesome casserole-y pasta back thing I made ... why not put a perfect marinara sauce on it (for, like, four meals).  I heart making dishes I love with lots of leftovers because I am eating exactly what I like, made the way I enjoy it most, and it's more convenient than a frozen meal!  And here we are:  A scrumptious pasta dish with a little crunch from the panko, and protein from the tuna.  SO GOOD!
Plates:  these are my other fave bowls (I have 2 of these -- yellow on the outside, blue and white on the inside) that I carried back with me from Japan last year.  Sitting on a sea urchin dessert plate (think they are no longer making them) which has turned out to be ideal for photographing food (white ... I do as Pioneer Woman says!).

Happy Thursday!

Yours, deliciously,


  1. I love your blue and white dishes - they're absolutely gorgeous! K.H.

  2. Hi, K.H., thank you so much, I really love them. Since blue and or white are the only colors I buy for the kitchen, it all coordinates beautifully.

    I wasn't confident about how many of these would survive the trip from Japan so it's just the one wide blue and white and two of the

    Hmmm. Maybe I should just do a post on what I brought back from Japan's restaurant (supply) district. Including the plastic sushi I keep on my desk at the office that is a great conversation starter!

    Thanks again for visiting. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see!