Monday, November 7, 2011

Every Week, New, Creative, Gorgeous Designs From One of My Favorite Vendors at the Farmers' Market

Seriously, how beautiful is this?  Being a dope about deer and antlers, I asked if it (antler) was real.  Designer Anne of Natural Designs kindly did not look at me like I'm an idiot, and said yes, it is real and she found it out in the woods (if you check out their website, nearly everything comes from the woods around the studio where the magic happens).  The DV (husband) informs me that antlers are shed every year.  He learned this because there are so many deer around the golf course (who knew?) and ergo, antlers (who knew?).
I know there are people within a five mile radius of me, in Alexandria, and the Metro DC area, ordering wreaths to be sent to their home from someplace else, for twice as much money.  Plus shipping and handling.  Stop the madness!  Come to the Old Town Farmer's Market this Saturday for your wreath and impress all of your guests when they arrive at your door for Thanksgiving.  Or have the prettiest door to come home to when you return from your Thanksgiving adventure. 
(For the record, I pay for everything, not that anyone's offering, and no advertising here, I just get super excited when I find great stuff or a fantastic resource -- for example, do not get me started on how I worship Cetaphil, or my Parmesan cheese grater.)
I had to back away from this one slowly so I do not overwhelm our little Del Ray townhouse with more wreaths than a Christmas village.
Hang it or centerpiece ... love the all acorn one!

Ok, so I went home with ONE.  But not for long.  It was the only one with shells, and it was so pretty.  It was a gift for our friends/adoptive DC parents, Mary and Stilly.  They had just returned from their heavenly place on Ono Island on the Gulf Coast of Alabama (we can't wait to go there!  We've been trying to figure out a time when we can both travel, when Mary and Stilly are there and the risk of hurricanes is relatively low. Very challenging.) and had us over for dinner Saturday night (those pictures coming later, Mary is an amazing cook).

Food tomorrow! FoodTuesday?  I like it.  And Wednesday or Thursday, the recipe that will make you a star guest at Thanksgiving or any dinner/holiday party this season (hint:  it's bread, and you can make it, easy, I promise).
Yours, from my happy place (this blog),


  1. Meghan (formerly O) M.November 8, 2011 at 9:37 AM

    Fab finds! This reaffirms my desire to make it down to the Old Town farmers market. It is SO much better than the Silver Spring one and I haven't been in ages upon ages. Love your pretty blog pics!

  2. Thank you, Meghan! I'll be posting what you pick out when you come to the Old Town and Del Ray markets!