Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taco-ish Delish Chili Sneak Peek

I am editing pictures of the chili (Read:  combing through the zillions of pictures I take, increasing the odds that I get a few good ones. I don't actually know how to edit photos yet except to crop and compress so they fit on the blog).
And love the chili though I do, hunks of raw ground turkey are not as pretty (read: easy to make look yummy) to photograph as pasta shells and bubbling cheese (click on the left or scroll down to see the previous too-much-tuna post).   
Did you like the tuna post?  What do you do with tuna?  Do you have the awesome cheese grater already? Let me know in the comments!

Sneak peek of what's coming to you in the morning:

Mmmmm!!  Almost FRIDAY!!
xoxo JPV


  1. Hi Julia...I just happened to have made chili the other night. Perfect for our falling temps around here. Thanks so much for your visits to our blog...Lucy and I love them. I'm not real great at the blogging thing, as I don't get around to visit others as much as I should. Not sure if you grew up in the area, but Delray has changed so much over the years. It's a hoppin' place now!

  2. Holly! You are my very first comment from a non-family member (ok, my mom) or friend! I wish I had a giant prize for you. I had been enjoying your photography after signing up for your blog (that gorgeous photo of the dragon fly hooked me), and then got my first post with Lucy in it. What a cutie! We have two cats, and wish we could have a dog (one of us also wishes for more cats ...) but we aren't home enough to be fair to a dog. SO I call myself a dog stalker. I pet, coo over and take photos of other people's dogs all over Alexandria since I can't have one of my own right now.
    We heard about how much has changed here in DelRay. They used to sell drugs out of our townhouse about 10-15 years ago, we heard from neighbors. I grew up around Boston but have lived in DC since 97. After I got married we moved five whole miles out of the city, into Alexandria. I love Silent Sundays, btw. Hope your chili was great and made lots of leftovers like mine did (since I am still freezing cold...grrrr...I hate this weather).