Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet My Husband

You know that commercial with the stick figure man and woman who gain weight and turn into little round circles, and then they go on a diet and the guy turns into a stick figure again, but the woman is still round?  Yeah, that's us. 

This is my husband's dinner, every night.  After nearly a year, he's getting bored, even with salad this pretty.  Sometimes with a huge side of saturated fat meat and cheese. 

I don't know if it is because he is supremely disciplined, or OCD or a little of both.  This salad (always) is: one bag of Romaine, sliced Campari tomatoes and his own carefully tested mix of oil and vinegar.  He mixes it up like Shake-n-Bake, in a Ziploc bag while he walks around the living room, chatting with me.  

The suit he wore at our wedding (4 1/2 years ago, oh my!) is really baggy on him, and he was slim then.  I don't really notice or care, probably because I have a big ol fashioned crush on him. Have ever since the day we met six years ago come this Thanksgiving. 

Back to the farmers' markets for me this weekend!  Will report in with what to buy next weekend!
Much love,

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