Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday: Del Ray (My Hood) Farmers' Market and Arts Fair ... Paintings Purchased at Past Art Fairs

(if you have pets, or love someone who does, read to the bottom for an October pet portrait contest -- don't worry, it's not with me, it's with a real live artist whose work I LOVE!)

I bought this painting at the 2009 art fair.  It's a great piece, painted on solid wood.  Small but heavy.  And it only took an appraiser coming by for our re-fi to get my husband to commit to putting a nail in a pristine bathroom wall and hang it up. 
Sorry for the horrid blackberry photo.  Back to my nice camera on Saturday, so I can send pretty pics of fresh fall produce at the farmers' markets and finds at the art fair! 

I bought the cute goat from a wonderful painter named Lesli DeVito last year.  It was her first year and I so hope she is back.  Check out her work and her October pet portrait contest

Yummy, pretty stuff coming your way on Saturday!

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