Monday, September 19, 2011

My #1 Blog Fan, Mom, Visits from Boston and Attempts to Clean Out Marianna's Macarons at Del Ray Farmers' Market

Had a great visit from Mom this weekend, down from Boston. She wanted to visit the Farmers' Markets and specifically try the macarons she had seen in an earlier post.  She bought three dozen to take home for friends and family, and a dozen or two for herself.  Note the all lemon box at the bottom.

On our way to my haircut, we dug into a mixed box ... below is mom's happy face, and a tell-tale sprinkle from the "birthday cake" flavor:
Below is mom holding the chocolate & banana peanut butter. Whoa that was soooo good.

Yup, see that face, THAT is how crazy good these things are! (below)
Mom and Marianna
(Below) Vera's Bakery's RIDICULOUS fresh berry coffee cake.
  Mom pointing out the crustless piece she wanted. 
It is gluten free and I think the gluten is replaced with many sticks of butter.  And that is a beautiful thing.

We hit the big Old Town Alexandria Farmer's Market, too ... fresh breads, new wreaths from my favorite floral artist, Anne (see earlier blog entry of my gorgeous front door wreath made by Anne), coming in the next installment!
Thanks so much for visiting!

Much love,
xoxo JPV

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