Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Call For Fresh Peaches! From My Blog to Your Belly: What The Farmers Say To Buy This Week

Every time I hit the grocery store, I wonder what exactly fruits and veggies are "in season" and when. Prices (high when I buy what must be out of season) are my one indicator.  Now that I frequent the farmers market (mostly my favorite, in my hood, the Del Ray Farmers Market), I thought I would go straight to the source, and ask the farmers. Duh, could have thought of that one sooner.

I thought you might like to know, too.  So here is the first installment of what to buy this week farmers market or grocery store.  I live in Northern Virginia/Metro DC area, so I expect this will be different in other climates.  Cheat sheet below the pics for you to cut and paste.

LAST CALL:  Peaches! 
This is really the last week.  After this, it'll be those nice little frozen ones for your smoothie til next summer.

Below, here's what's new, from Golden Goose Farm & Bakery "Everything Good Under the Sun."  From Roy, working the table, and owner/baker/chef Mary Ann Corvin.  (I love that the Golden goose website calls itself "a family owned agricultural adventure.")   

UP AND COMERS:  Fall squashes!
Acorn squashes looked beautiful and had been mostly scooped up when I arrived

And the butternut squashed went so fast I only got a photo of the empty basket. Totally sold out.
No worries, many more months to come of those beauties to come!

Over at Schlagel Farms, all the melons were still looking great.
I'll find out this weekend how much longer we've got for fresh melon!

One of the nice guys at the Shlagel Farms counter ringing up my corn told me told me to expect corn until the first frost.  Trying not to sound like the gardening dunce I asked, "That would be when?"
"November," he answered, politely. Their motto is, "From our farm to your family."

My motto is, "From my blog to your belly!"

LAST CALL:  Peaches
STILL STRONG: Melons, corn, tomatoes
OPENING SEASON:  Fall squashes;  acorn, butternut, grapes
ALWAYS IN SEASON: Mariana's Macarons, Vera's Bakery (the coffeecake ... omg! scones, and presently fresh o.j.)
Have fun, eat yummy,
xoxox JPV

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  1. Grace's Pastries in Olde Towne Farmer's Market. Zucchini-Feta bread! Oh my !! Love that every baked product can be sampled. Mmmmmmmmmm ....
    Off to Del Ray Market. Love the way people help sit for the doggy-owners. How 'civilized.' Many thanks to the beautiful Mariana for baking lemon macaron's special for me. So airy & delicate and definitely lemony. Ahhhhhhhhh ....... Truth, my friends; After sampling, I bought 11 boxes. Have promised them to all my Boston peeps.
    More from Vera's on next trip, tho fruit coffee cake was scrumptious.
    Sooooooo .. my morning consisted of samplings of sugary products, some carbs from bread-sampling and Ramp Mustard. What a way to do a day!! Thank you Julia. You rock, my girl-child !!! xoxox