Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally! A Watermelon From My Garden (A Lesson in Patience)

It has been a super rough summer for the garden with the heat.  Clearly, the yellow squash loves it [see previous post, "(I Am) Awash In Squash."]  But the tomatoes, celery and watermelon do not agree.  That said, here is the first edible melon!!  Before potentially disappointing myself when I cut into it, thought I'd take some glamour shots. (That's garden dust on it. I liked how it looked.)

 After the watermelon shots, as I was snapping ten, ok, maybe fifteen pictures of the cat (looking SUPER cute), spouse said to me that he thought the point of an "expensive" camera was that I would only need to take ONE picture.  I started to explain, but gave up and just ordered said, "Hey, hold that cat still."  

I showed him just how cool a camera like this can be.  When wielded by a newbie photographer like me, it can make a watermelon bounce like a basketball!

HEY!  How did that squash get in the picture?! More importantly, where did yet ANOTHER squash come from in my little garden? I swear, I'm cooking them as fast as I can! 

Happy holiday weekend, Mom and friends!  I hope the only laboring you are doing is turning your veggies and meat on the grill in this beautiful weather (in the DC area) or laboring to get that giant juicy burger up to your mouth.
Mwah! JPV

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  1. Love the 'tagine', too.
    How did the melon taste?