Monday, August 22, 2011

(I Am) Awash is Squash

It is rare that my garden gets ahead of me.  But it has happened.
I spent an hour clearing away the dead tomato plants, and then the bad leaves on the squash and zucchini plants. A few months ago, my husband put up a miniature white picket fence to try to pen in the sprawling veggie plants. They were having none of it. They grew right over his one foot fence and have kept growing new squashes right onto his wooden walkway. (Technically it is our walkway, but he did build it himself -- though, I think, mostly, so I didn't walk on the/his grass)

Removing the leaves revealed at least five more fully grown squash.  I can't figure out what to do with them as fast as they produce. 
Brought some inside before I started the clearing:

Because I already had the four above, I decided to ignore the others for a few days, even though they are getting large.  Like this one:

I kinda had no choice, because I could not ignore these monsters:

Chop chop.  Below, You can't even see that big green zuke sliced up because it is completely buried at the bottom of the pyrex dish beneath the gigantic squash slices.  
These were on their way out to the grill. 
Now they are grilled and packed into glass containers in the fridge to eat all week.  Mmmmm!
Speaking of yellow deliciousness ... and with no disrespect to the yummy grilled veggies ... the macarons harvested at Saturday's Del Ray Farmers' Market (see recent posts about these beauties) do disappear a little faster than the squash.  
Behold, the Mariana's lemon macaron: 

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