Sunday, August 21, 2011

Starfish and a Wreath of Barley: Old Town Alexandria Farmers' Market Finds

Our new front door wreath of barley and straw flowers.
As you may have noticed from my photos, I hit the Del Ray Farmers' Market whenever I can on Saturdays. Del Ray is my super cute neighborhood located in the Northernmost part of Alexandria, Virginia. That market is where I get the gorgeous and mouthwatering Mariana's Macarons (new flavors today ... will takes pics and taste test them, for you, of course) - ake a look at my last post for photos from last Saturday's picks.

There is a larger market with similar vegetables and and produce, but also some other types of vendors - more artists - in the square in Old Town Alexandria.  But I have to drive to that one and I can just hoof it to the one in my hood.  I do hit the big one every few weeks, though.
  About two months ago I bought a beautiful wreath of wheat from this amazing gardener at the big market. It is sitting in brown paper because I still haven't decided where to hang it.  Then two weeks ago I walked by and saw the wreath above. I thought it was just beautiful, perfect for our front door.  It is sunny and summery, but will also look great as the fall rolls around. (With this heat, it seems like that might never happen). 

 European florist Anne Krieg of Natural Designs is the gardener and creator and now I can't wait to see what new creations she brings to the Saturday market.  Another recent Saturday I could not pass up this exquisite encrusted starfish.

Anne told me she had seven starfish hanging in her bathroom and thought, "hmm, what if I add shells to the starfish?"  Then she brought them to market and they sold out, I bought the last one. It hangs on the wall just inside my front door.

 Hanging the starfish was an easier sell with the hubby than a dried wreath.  We don't have any dried flowers.  Hubby is an OCD neat nick and has a cow when live flowers (that he brings to me - so sweet) start to keel over and drop a few petals or leaves in the house.  So can you imagine what the flaking and breaking of a dried arrangement would do him? I couldn't bear to do that to him. He was opposed to the wreath but I reasoned that on the front door it is technically outside of the house.  After one week, the cats were overly interested in figuring out how to get into the box and turn the wreath into a toy.  Turns out it was easier for wonderful husband to hang it up after all!

The Old Town farmers' market has been around since 1753 and George Washington used to have produce sent from Mount Vernon to be sold there, so the sellers come with good creds.

Happy half weekend!  Hugs, JPV (Hi Mom!)

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