Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Night Slice and Dice: Lazy Girl's Chicken Soup with a Side of Dexter

So lazy that I didn't even get around to making it.  Busy, actually.  So busy that I broke down and bought pre-cut chicken breast slices instead of doing a whole chicken.  I'll do a veggie stock from scratch then put in some organic chicken stock and the chicken. Then I guess it is veggie broth with some chicken thrown in (and ginger, love fresh ginger in my broth).  I did watch Dexter, with my Sunday night TV/cooking friend, Ms. Ellen [awesome all around friend, really, but on Sundays, we watch some whatever Sunday night cable show we are into -- and she will eat anything I cook.  THAT is a good (and trusting) friend.] 

I call her Ms. Ellen because when she tells hysterically funny stories about the students she teaches, and quotes them, I hear her say "Mees Ellennnnn" frequently.  We religiously waited for JRM (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in the Tudors every Sunday night. (*sigh*) And now we are into Dexter, though it stresses the heck out of both of us way too late on a school night.  Next week is season finale. Our nerves will get a break.  We''stick to me cooking, and both of us eating.

Back to chicken soup, or veggie broth with chicken in it (and soba noodles, maybe, hmmmm).  Monday night. Hubby will keep calling my mother in the hospital to make sure she stays awake for the Patriots game (football?  hockey?  ;)  while I make soupie soup (as favorite neighbor Donna calls it.  Even though she's about to move far far away, a whole ten minutes and I am very sad.  til then, my favorite neighbor).

Be back with magical busy girl soup!

Til next time, fair reader (and I do mean singular, because I believe there is only one.  And it is my mother)

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