Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wonderful hubby brought a Christmas tree home.  White lights are perfect.  Cat has been nearby, on a box on top of a table, staring at the wall for about an hour.  Cat is odd.  Back to cute Christmas tree.  I told hubby (have I told you about him yet?  I have a big crush on him) to get anything he wanted that he could put in the yard when the ground thaws (not that it is frozen yet, thank goodness, that's why I live south of where I grew up in New England).  My little camera makes the light look large, they are really just the plain ol' little white lights.  my favorite.  If I knew how to use any kind of editing soft ware (and actually owned it), I probably would have taken the UPC code off of the thing the tree is in.  I was too dazzled by the lights. and I have no such software.  Will let you know when I get it and my pics are being retouched like a Vogue cover.

Til tomorrow, friends!

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