Monday, December 6, 2010

Making Broth From Scratch on a School Night? What am I, Insane?

Clearly, the answer is yes. I am way too tuckered out on a weeknight.  As calming as it is to chop chop chop.  But I am going to have to pull through because I need to cook or freeze that chicken tomorrow.  Yeah, you're right.  I'll freeze it and make the broth this weekend.

Remember way back to last night when I talked about my one reader?  My mom?  Guess what -- she didn't have time to read today. I find it odd, I told her, seeing as she is still in the hospital with nowhere to go considering she attached to the wall by a suction tube (removing fluid from the lung of the seemingly never-ending pneumonia). And she does get on FB.  And emails me.  No biggie.  Not bitter.

;)  MWAH!  That's a big kiss to Mom. 

Can I make it through tomorrow without hitting the sushi bar at work?  I think not.  Will take photos.


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