Saturday, December 25, 2010

2011 Plans (Less intimidating than "Resolutions")

And hopefully more likely to happen.  Ok, number one is this blog.  I am really enjoying this so I am going to make it better for you, dear reader, and for me.  For you:  better photos, and more regular writing, for me:  better camera and photo taking skills, and more stories.  Got a lot of em.  To come:  Bad tv section, more cooking, spring garden, silly animals, and funny husband and tips from the smallest, coolest house in Alexandria, VA.

If you are celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful, merry day. Don't eat too much and make yourself ill.

Christmas eve lesson:  Before 90 minute mass with lot of singing and where you are the lay reader, do NOT make and tackle a couple pounds of Old Bay shrimp right before.  You will be PARCHED.  Like, uncomfortably.

Love and hugs,

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