Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine! Thank You for the Unspeakably Gorgeous Sunrise, So Let's Just Say it in Pictures

{Ok, ok, pictures and a few words}
Came up to Boston for a visit with my awesome mom (mawsome? awesmom?).  She lives in the converted 1917 Prince Spaghetti factory on Boston's waterfront. (Yup, my brother worked as Aladdin at Disneyland, and my mom lives in a spaghetti factory, and that's just the beginning *sigh*) 

 Sun setting behind us, to the back of the building {below}.
{View:  form left, the stone building is Lewis Wharf, next is the roof  of a commercial building, in the distance is the Hyatt Harborside, the white and gray building at the end of the wharf to the right is Yachthaven, which, in case you are thinking of visiting my mom and would like to arrive on your yacht, caters to mega yachts, the lights behind it are a bunch of tugboats just hanging out, and along the right is Commercial Wharf.)

Not much (um, nothing) can make me actually WANT to get out of bed at 6:15 AM except the glow coming the floor to (high) ceiling, quadruple width glass separating Mom's living room from her porch looking out onto Boston Harbor.   
This morning, half (probably more like three-quarters) asleep, I stepped out there, with camera, in my jammies.  Oh what a sight!  (both the sunrise, and me in my jammies snapping the sunrise in the frigid cold ... for different reasons.)

Everything below is sunrise over about 30 minutes, enjoy!
The pilings you see to the left, poking out of the water, are original wooden supports for the buildings that used to be on these wharfs more than 100 years ago. They are actually privately owned real estate.


One shot from the couch.

Me taking the photo from the porch into the condo -- sun reflected in the glass half-wall separating lower living area from the rest of the house.  Mom had it sandblasted (the glass wall, not the house) to evoke the waves of the ocean. (I'll get into the story of how it, and everything else in this place had to be hoisted in the windows. via crane)  That's mom at her facebook work area.  My head blob over to the right, in the reflection.
Mom <3 at dinner tonight in the fabulous North End restaurant, Piccolo Nido.

We had a great and insanely busy few days ... good food, great company, wonderful work (really!), and lots of photos of all of it ... more coming soon!

Yours, with gratitude for mornings like this,

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