Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lobstapalooza -- Kicking off the Summer Right

Boston, Memorial Day weekend.  Friday and Saturday:

Lunch on the waterfront with hubby and Mom (What? The DV has never participated in a lobster boil? Clambake?  Wha?  Poor deprived hubby ... Mom and I decided to bring on Lobstah Fest for Saturday's lunch.)
Saturday woke to the smell of sauce mom had starting making at 5 AM -- mmmm heaven. (Dinner for Sunday ... today is lobster!)

Commence Lobstarama:
In the middle of Downtown Boston, neaar the waterfront, is J Hook:

Where we met lunch (and future lobster ravioli):

Boiled 14 pounds of Mo, Larry, Curley and Snappy, stinking up kitchen (Hmmm, we usually do this at the beach house where smells disperse a little better and more quickly ... )

Deck table before being covered with newspaper:

 And our lovely view of Boston Harbor:

Above:  Salad and amazing foccaccia from the salumeria waiting for tablemates: 
Mo, Larry and Curley on the way.  Snappy didn't fit in the ginormous pot, so he went in after.

Good thing we ate the salad and foccacia first, no room once the lobs and two giant boats of buttah arrived ...

Delicious even for biggies -- 3.5 pounders.

DELICIOUS meal, clean up, nap time again!

Coming next:  lobster ravioli!

Thanks for such a great weekend, Mom!


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