Monday, May 16, 2011

Cat in the Hat, er, Cats on a Hat: An Ode to Weeding

So WEEDING is also part of gardening?  Ugh, FINE, it’s worth the amazing lettuce (freckled Romaine, anyone? De-lish.)  You know the DV (my hubby, those are his initials, and we actually call him this) has the perfect lawn (the cat part is coming, I promise). The least I can do is try to have the lettuce and herbs keep up appearances around their superstar sibling, HIS LAWN. There were LOTS of weeds. 
So I put on my giant hat (and I mean enormous -- and slightly shapeable black with white under said ginormous brim) that I bought at my new favorite Alexandria consignment store, Mint, (across from the wonderful crepe cafe, Fontaine, where we had the first of two celebrations for my mom -- hi Mom! -- on Mother's Day weekend), put on my purple ipod with the pink cartoon kitty cover, and sat down to pull teeny little weeds.  Pull them away from my suffering baby celery (who knew celery could smell so, well, celery-ish, mmmm) and sage, frazzled French thyme (lemon thyme=growing like gangbusters), and paltry parsley (yes, I had to stop to think about each of those for a sec, just for you, my reader!).
After two hours I took a break and laid down on the DV's exquisite lawn.  He has lawn-dar (radar for his lawn).  I wasn't 30 seconds into one song, laying on my back, giant hat covering my entire face and torso, making grass angels (like snow angels, just in the grass), and singing and dancing a little (on my back in the heavenly grass), when I heard the door over my own singing and the actual singer.  He came to tell me there was BABY grass still under there -- he had seeded some blank (not that I saw) spots and let it overgrown before mowing. (Read:  perrrrrrfect, luscious soft grass for grass angels and recovering from weeding in the giant hat).  I politely moved my dirt party inside.
I tossed giant hat on the bed while I went to strip off weeding (read:  covered in dirt) clothes.  I walked back into bedroom to this: 

Cat on a (gardening/weeding) hat. (dark grey on a black hat taken with acell phone, please forgive me)

After laughing and calling the DV to come look at his cute kitten's new lounge spot, I walked out to mash the dirt togs into the overfull hamper.  When I returned a few minutes later to the bedroom, the kitten (we call her that because she was a kitten last year and we refuse to acknowledge her growth) was gone, and my big boy had taken her place:

COPY cat on the hat! (He evicted the kitten and took her spot!)

Sorry for the fuzzy photos, I only had time to grab my cell phone (pink Blackberry).
Grass and cats, best parts of weeding.
Thanks for reading, Mom!  Your kitten misses her Nana.

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