Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tornadoes on the Way to Del Ray?

Tonight's view out back, through the storm
door.  A little soaked, but I suppose that's
good for his lawn (and my veggies).
That's the name of my neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia. It's super cute.  Great cheese store.  The Spouse called tonight and asked if I was on my way home.  It was 5:30. When have I ever left the office before 6:30  Or 7? Like, never.  Ok, he tells me to leave right away or stay put for an hour because of weather.  Tornado warning near Quantico.  Headed our way. 

This being DC, it was an absolute weather overreaction -- something that amuses me to no end about this place - we got some rain, and it was windy. For 20 minutes.  Game over.  What I loved was how my husband put away or bolted down everything. Then, when I walked in the house, trotted down to his man lair (converted basement) and told me to call him if I saw a funnel cloud.  Funnel cloud.  FUNNEL CLOUD?  What happened to protecting me FROM the funnel cloud?  No, turns out since the rough weather started last week (remember this detail ... last week) he's been charging the video camera just in case he should catch one. FOR A WEEK!

He reminded me he owns an official Weather Channel jacket (and it is his second since the other ripped in a hurricane in Florida -- no, don't ask, I don't want to know why he was outside during the hurricane, either.)
The single thing in DC related to weather that is not an overreaction:  pollen count.  It's supposed to be about 90 and after it rains here in the spring it is around 2000.  No joke.  That's some serious pollen (we can talk neti pots later, when my hubby isn't ready because it grosses him out, but they are great for evicting all of that pollen from your - my - nose).
Tonight, out my back door, no funnel clouds, just this, the view of his lawn form inside the house to the shed (um, HIS shed which he wired for electricity and is so roomy and neat and inviting, and with a porch he built on the front, sometimes I'd like to move into it):

Thanks for visiting, Mom, and new friend!
Big kiss,  Julia

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