Sunday, July 31, 2011

P-town Characters: From Drag-Performer-on-Pink-Bicycle to the Bronze-Soldier-Statue-That-Moves

There are always interesting new characters in Provincetown like Herbie and Erin who we met this year where they work at the one room P-town Chamber of Commerce.  And the man dressed and made up so much like a bronze statue that mom and I sat nearby and watched three children burst into tears when he (the man-as-war-statue) moved to salute those who put money in his statue-stand-cum-collection box.  ManStatue was eclipsed for a few minutes when the incredibly tall drag queen rode by on a pink bicycle advertising his show called Lip-Schtick.  He was distributing postcards advertising his show which read: "One Boy's Journey to Fabulous and Back!'  I would say he is surely still at Fabulous!

Below: Wait one second ... why is that bronze statue now facing to the right? 

Below:  Our statue saluting after a donation: 

The star of his own one man show called Lip-Schtick, riding through town on his pink bicycle:

Lip-Schtick star with a tourist/fan.

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  1. Hi Julia! I just came across your post by coincidence and wanted to say hello. I am Scarbie, the tall drag performer on the pink bike you saw in Ptown. Thanks for the post!! I love riding by the soldier, who is deaf, and he salutes me, and I remind his viewers to give him alittle tip if possible...that's how ptown works! Will you be back summer 2012? I will comp you and your posse into my show anytime. Regards, Scarbie...(David)

  2. Hi David! Thank you so much for introducing yourself! And I can't wait to see your show - mom will be so excited, too. We try to go at least once every summer. This year it will likely be around the same time, third weekend in July. Do you expect to be performing around that time? Very generous offer, but no worries, mom and I are happy to pay! I have a few other photos of you which I would love to send to you, if you'd like. I love that P-town works that way! Also loved how you were so nice to pose with and for tourists. My email is juliap.valentine@yahoo. Send yours to me so I can send you the other photos. Thanks again and I am thrilled you like the post. My parents always brought us to Ptown in the summer and as I grew up, I loved sharing it with my friends. Now my mom and I have been making a fun bonding trip out of it. In fact, I'd better make my reservations now! Best, Julia

  3. Hi Julia...Thank you for response...I WILL be performing in July...dates are usually Thurs, Fri, Sat, and some Sundays, but there are some exceptions. My email is simply,, and I would be happy to receive any photos. I post them on my "Scarbie barking" albums on FB, etc.
    When on Cape, drop me an email, or such and remind of your arrival. I would be happy to comp one of you at least. The show also raises money for the Ptown UU church, so all ticket sales are well received.
    Have a wonderful summer. Scarb....David.

  4. Hi Julia...sent a comment, but it seems to have gone rogue...I will email..Scarb.